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At hopperound, we are committed to using as little paper as possible and we request that you join us by not printing electronic documentation.  Now more than ever an app for all your travel documents is important for non-contactless travel, so using our app means you are ready for Covid Safe Travel.

Only documents for travel services booked with hopperound are uploaded to the app.

When you book with us, you will have a complete travel itinerary including documents - all easily accessible in one convenient place on your device.

When you download, allow all permissions and location services to receive notifications from us, and to access all features of the app.

When using the app, follow these tips for the best experience - 

1. You only need to log in once, thereafter all data is protected by your device password or pin

2. To exit the app, just tap the home or back button on your device

3. Spend time exploring the app to discover its amazing features

Not only a great travel wallet, you can also do the following via the Useful Links tab on the side menu (tap the 3 vertical lines, top left) -

Search and Book Flights

Search and Book Airport Transfers

Search and Book Car Hire & Euro-Leasing

Search and Book Hotels

Search and Book Cruises and Cruise Specials

Search and Book Attractions, Activities & Tours

Insure with Cover-More

Insure with nib

Insure with SureSave

Travel Insurance issued via the app or via our website includes a 20% online discount.

When your trip is updated, a notification will be pushed to your device.  Make sure you refresh/sync (tap the double-arrow, top right beside bell) so that you are seeing the most up-to-date version of your trip.

The best thing is, you can view your trips, documents and use downloaded maps even when mobile data roaming is switched off or when in airplane mode.

If you have any questions throughout your trip using the app, feel free to contact us via the message function within your trip.

We hope you love the app as much as we do!

Best Wishes and Safe Travels,

The hopperound Team

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